• Jennifer Hughes of Montgomery’s Department of Permitting Services, told the Washington Post. “It wasn’t that we were the big hand of county government trying to come down and squash anything…We were attempting to do what a government is charged with doing, which is protecting communities and protecting the safety of people.”

    Au contraire, that is exactly what they were trying to do. It is only the fact that they picked on the wrong families that the fine was rescinded.

    Jennifer Hughes, the director of permitting for the county, says it’s technically illegal to run even the smallest lemonade stand in the county, but inspectors usually don’t go looking for them.

    Of course it is. Everything is illegal in Montgomery County unless you pay the appropriate bribe, I mean get the proper permit to be allowed to do it. Welcome to the North Korean branch of the People’s Republic of Maryland. The kids should be lucky that they were not sent to a labor camp for the terrible crime of raising money for charity without the permission of Montgomery County.

  • This shows that public ridicule works. Public Serpents are adverse to light. Shine it on them.