U.K.: “Butlins bans bumping on the bumper cars”

The best-known operator of British amusement parks has ordered its staff “to ban anyone found guilty of bumping into each other in the electric cars equipped with huge bumpers. Bemused customers who assume that the ‘no bumping sign’ is in jest are told to drive around slowly in circles rather than crash into anyone else for fear of an injury that could result in the resort being sued.” [Louise Gray, Telegraph via Free-Range Kids]

Also: California appellate court rejects assumption of risk defense and denies summary judgment to bumper car injury claim [Bill Childs, MassTort.org]


  • guess the name should be changed to spin-around-in-circle cars to avoid any class action suits as well.

  • The Nannies appear to be winning in the UK. I blame Walt Disney.

  • If these people are so eager to have every aspect of their lives ruled with the iron fist of the state, why did they bother to pretend to fight the Germans. They should have been left then to their well deserved fate.

  • I think you will find the ride is actually called ”The Dodgems” the clue would be in the title.

  • There was a recent case involving an amusement park just up the road from me, “California’s Great America”, where a lawyer sued the park over a fractured wrist that, she claimed, occurred when she was riding the bumper cars. The 6th District Court claimed that the suit had merit and could proceed.

    The lawsuit claimed that as the park operator had installed safety measures at other bumper car rides they were obviously aware of danger and therefore liable for injuries sustained while on the ride…

  • I’ve posted on the new California bumper car case that is mentioned in the preceding comment: Pull Up to the Bumper.