Update: Hoeffner reaches plea deal with feds

“Houston plaintiffs’ attorney Warren Todd Hoeffner, whose criminal case ended in a mistrial in October 2009, has struck a deal with federal prosecutors. Prosecutors agreed to defer a new trial for one year on the criminal charges against Hoeffner. Among other conditions, the agreement calls for Hoeffner to pay the government $2,485,000 and agree to a voluntary suspension of his Texas law license for two years.” Prosecutors said Hoeffner paid millions to insurance company claims department employees in the course of obtaining $34 million in silicosis payouts; his lawyers argued at trial that the employees extorted consideration as a condition of approving otherwise fair settlements. [Brenda Jeffreys, Texas Lawyer; earlier here and here]


  • Is the State of Texas bar disciplinary committee bound by the deal for a two year suspension with federal prosecutors? I think not.

  • I think the feds can do what they want. They say give up your license and if you don’t we will come down on you for breaching our contract. Texas has nothing to do with it. It is an agreement to give up your license.