A circus within a circus within a circus

Circus number one:  The NBA.

Circus number two:  A show on VH1 about the wives of NBA players called “Basketball Wives.”

The three-ring circus that encompasses all of these:  A series of law suits brought by various NBA players over their depictions, or the depictions of their loves — or in some cases, their wives — by the program, including legal claims in the suit filed by Chris Bosh claiming infringement of something called “life rights.”

The latest suit, this one by Gilbert Arenas, focuses on alleged false inferences concerning a relationship between him and someone called Govan:

A significant issue Arenas raises in this lawsuit is the fact that the show uses a mix of current and ex-wives and girlfriends. In using the title Basketball Wives, it creates an inference that they’re all wives of players. Some of the promotional material mentioned below would also indicate they are still involved in the players’ lives and can comment accordingly.

However, some of these women have been through messy breakups with their respective NBA player. If Arenas were to win his lawsuit and prevent the inclusion of Govan, one has to wonder whether other players would file suit to prevent their ex’s from taking part in the show. Arenas makes the argument that the title of the show is misleading as it applies to him. In reality it’s misleading as it applies to most of the participants. As ridiculous as this whole case may seem, it could lead to the end of this show or at least a title change to accurately reflect the participants involved.

I wouldn’t count on that.

Evidently basketball players have little to do during their extremely brief off-seasons.  The “Basketball Wives” claims, however, look like sloppy law but fine sport in themselves — the kind we big-boned types handle so much better than we do layups.

Yes, if God hadn’t invented the entertainment-sports industrial complex, we lawyers would have had to invent it.  Or did we?  Either way, what could be better summer fun?  The circus is in town!

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