• Mitchell Rubenstein doesn’t offer a speck of evidence to support his suspicion of Lawyer Up. Is it less trustworthy than the legal profession entero? It isn’t likely that privileged cartel member like Rubenstein will need to worry about the cost of obtaining legal counsel if the need arises. Lawyers rule the system that rules us.

  • I’m one of the Co-Founders of LawyerUp, so of course I have a point-of-view. Thanks for addressing Mr. Rubenstein’s blog post.

    I’m not sure why Mr. Rubenstein wouldn’t trust this service, but as other commentators point out, the value of the service depends on the quality of the lawyers in our network. They are excellent.

    On average, LawyerUp network attorneys have over 10 years experience. They have been ADAs, Public Defenders, and Police Officers, and many have received professional accolades. Our network is invitation-only and no lawyer pays to join, or to get a case. We interview and check the professional references of every lawyer on our network.

    Quality lawyers join our network because it is practically impossible for the vast majority of people to hire a lawyer quickly in a legal emergency. We handle for our users many of the practical logistical problems. For example, if you are in custody, you won’t have access to the internet. Our patent-pending technology allows our users to immediately communicate important information to the dispatched attorney, even if the client and the lawyer are not given the opportunity to speak by phone.

    For LawyerUp, it’s less about cost, it’s about access. Our mission is to make fast access to quality representation available to everyone.

  • “Our mission is to make fast access to quality representation available to everyone.”

    To some people, that’s a bug, not a feature.