• How can anyone object to the Colorado Day Care regulation for providing “DOLLS SHALL REPRESENT THREE (3) RACES” ?

    That’s easy to satisfy:
    1. Kentucky Derby Barbie;
    2. Indianapolis 500 Barbie; and
    3. Boston Marathon Barbie.

  • There are serious First Amendment problems with the Colorado agency’s demand that day care centers post multiple displays promoting diversity — a classic example of compelled speech and viewpoint discrimination:


    If the Colorado Department of Human Services Child Care Division makes these rules final, they should be challenged in a First Amendment lawsuit (in addition to whatever infirmities these rules may have under state law).

  • IMHO the people who are promulgating these rules are seriously and should immediately seek professional help.

  • All children must be identical. Hail diversity.

  • wfjag ~
    Funniest post I have read in a long time!

  • Hardly surprising. If the government is allowed to declare refusal to buy health insurance illegal, then it should certainly be allowed to declare refusal to speak illegal!

  • At my children’s daycare center — in a rural, mostly-white area — a very large poster is displayed front and center showing a black child’s hand and a white child’s hand clasping, and the cutline “Friendship Knows No Color”. At a state office building I visited recently (Pennsylvania), every third support column was adorned with a “diversity” poster of one kind or another. “Diversity” truly is the Business of Big Brother in the modern age. As I’ve blogged elsewhere, this reminds me of the quip that “truth stands on its own, it is error that requires government force.”

  • My company’s lawsuit-deterrence bureaucrats hung a poster in our offices. It showed multi-colored leaves on a tree and human hands of properly allocated colors and asked, “Wouldn’t it be dull if all the leaves were the same color?” No one asked them if they realized that when the leaves are all the same color, green, they are alive and when they are many different colors they will all soon be dead.