• “In a nation where billionaires install politicians of their choosing, fund lucrative think tanks, …”

    Mr. Soros, I presume.

  • Next time Walter, before you post a link to website please include a warming that the content is not for people who think rationally. For a moment I thought I was reading the Daily Kos. In particular is the letter by a Howard B. Dean MD (for some reason that name seems to be familiar, but I can’t quite place it. ? ). According to the esteemed Dr. Dean, the medical profession is run racists: “medicine is taught and practiced for the most part in this country as if every patient were white.” (I am only surprised that he left out and male.) Not only are the whites racist, but they even make black physicians into racists: “Even African American MDs who went to predominantly white medical schools cannot be assumed to have known, for example, that hypertension in black men may need different treatment than hypertension in white men.” If Howard Dean really believes this nonsense then he is even dumber than I had imagined him to be. The higher rates of hypertension in the Black community is well-known, even to a non-physician like myself. Taken to its (il)logical conclusion, blacks cannot be properly treated by racist white (or white-trained) doctors. Thus we should have separate (but equal) medical treatment for blacks using only black doctors from historically black colleges. In next months magazine I will expect to see an article on the benefits of having separate water fountains for blacks and whites.

  • Sorry Walter that I got sidetracked with my comment above. However I read the articles on Medicine and Race first and I couldn’t resist commenting on them. Given all of the PC responses in those letters I would have to agree with Mr. Smith’s sentiment that he indeed should be disturbed to find an even-handed review of your book in the Yale magazine.

    My quarrel, ultimately, however, is with neither Mr. Olson nor Mr. Smith, whose work would be unremarkable appearing in any one of the usual right-wing publications. From the Yale Alumni Magazine, however, I expect some hint of recognition that propaganda is propaganda.

    How dare Yale magazine have the effrontery to publish anything but left-wing propaganda. One would hope that Yale provided an intellectual environment that would enable the students to think for themselves. However, if these letters are representative of Yale graduates that does not seem to be the case. Rather it appears that the only thing that Yale provides is Left-wing propaganda that makes Yale graduates into PC Leftists.

  • I was wondering, did this Peter Adolf ’89 and I even read the same review?? Far from simply “parroting” Walter Olsen, the review I read took issue with him on several points, and while the thought Schools for Misrule was an informative book, it was clear that he didn’t agree with all of it.

    As far as David’s sidetrack goes, the funny thing is that University Anthropology departments are adamant that races are not biologically separate, and consider that idea a legacy of 19th century racism. So they are extremely uncomfortable with race-based medical studies. Yet, Mr. Dean says we are racist if we don’t do this! So you are literally damned if you do, damned if you don’t…