• Oh, at first I thought someone was discriminating against people born between late May and late July.

  • Oops, make that late April to late May. (Summer temps are getting to me already.)

  • His attorney’s name is Fuhrer. He was “sidelined” for three months from his financial services job and was in a long leg cast for 6 weeks. Heck I was in a long leg walking cast for 6 weeks TWICE while in the army and I wasn’t “sidelined”. Sure there were things I couldn’t do with the cast on, but there were plenty of things that I could do including qualifying with a rifle.

  • His attorney’s name is Fuhrer.

    I can’t get over that either. Hell, I blogged about one of the earlier cases against Johnny Utah’s (so did Walter Olson), but all I can think is that somewhere in New York there’s a man who’s gone his entire life with the name “Fuhrer”.

    He should sue his parents.

  • “Mein Fuhrer! I can sue!”