August 11 roundup

  • Seattle’s best? Class action lawyer suing Apple, e-publishers has represented Microsoft [Seattle Times, earlier]
  • “Disabled” NYC firefighter/martial arts enthusiast can go on getting checks for life [NYPost; compare]
  • After the FDA enforcement action on drug manufacturing lapses come the tagalong liability claims by uninjured plaintiffs [Beck]
  • “What If Lower Court Judges Weren’t Bound by Supreme Court Precedent?” [Orin Kerr]
  • settles a patent suit for $0 (rough language);
  • Canadian law society to pay $100K for asking prospective lawyers about mental illness [ABA Journal]
  • Self-help eviction? “Chinese Developers Accused Of Putting Scorpions In Apartments To Force Out Residents” [Business Insider]

One Comment

  • I hope that somebody passes on the NY Post story about the “disabled” firefighter to Senator Gillibrand. Misuse of disability benefits by union guys is rampant in New York and has been for decades. Senator Gillibrand will undoubtedly use her fighting for first responders fraudsters as a campaign message for her reelection, as Ms. Bachman uses her vote for a great depression in her campaign for the presidency.

    Politics is depressing.