August 2 roundup

  • Yikes! “House Committee Approves Bill Mandating That Internet Companies Spy on Their Users” [EFF; Julian Sanchez, New York Post/Cato and podcast]
  • Australia courts skeptical about claim that sex injury is covered under workers’ comp [Herald Sun]
  • Well-off community doesn’t need annual HUD grant, seeks to sell it [Dan Mitchell]
  • Report: playful City Museum in St. Louis has taken down signs criticizing lawyers [Bill Childs/TortsProf, earlier]
  • Chicago neurosurgeons pay $4500 a week in med-mal premiums, blame lawless Illinois Supreme Court [Medill Reports] Supreme Court declines to review Feres doctrine, which shields military doctors (among others) from suits [Stars and Stripes] Why is the most widely cited number of medical-misadventure deaths such an outlier? [White Coat; more here, here, etc.]
  • After “Facebook broken heart” suit, will pre-nups for Mafia Wars relationships be next? [Tri-Cities Herald]
  • Another horrific report of poppy seed positive drug test followed by child-grabbing [Radley Balko]


  • re: “Well-off community”

    In the midst of all the piling on the fed government, could someone advise me?

    My understanding is that to receive a grant, one must apply for a grant – submit a grant proposal. That’s how my local theater company gets grants. We ask for the money and sometimes we get it.

    Wouldn’t it also be true that rich River Hills applied for this federal grant?

  • Frank,

    According to

    Milwaukee County applies for the HUD money for all municipalities in the county except the cities of Milwaukee, West Allis and Wauwatosa, which run their own community development programs. The county allocation for 2011 is $1.5 million, down some $332,000 from 2010 because of a federal budget cut.

    The county applied for the grant and money was allocated to the village.

  • […] I wrote about this topic in February. In fact, just linked to the story today. […]