A celebrated $32 million Vioxx case…

…Garza v. Merck, ends with a whimper as the Texas Supreme Court unanimously throws it out. Ted has more at PoL.


  • Vioxx is a terrific medicine for severe orthopedic problems.

    It is a national disgrace and tragedy that the corrupt Lawyer Industry forced Vioxx’s removal from the market.

  • Seemed like a no-brainer, but you never know.

  • I used Vioxx for 18 months (May 2000 through December 2001). Within the first few months I experienced dizziness. After that I developed visual migraines. In June 2001 I had a TIA while biking down a hill in N. Andover. Another TIA occurred a few days after 9/11/01. Only then did my PCP schedule me for a visit with a neurologist. Four weeks later in October, I had another TIA. I had been taking Indocin for thirty years without a problem. My PCP first tried Celebrex but that upset my stomach “big time.” Vioxx appeared more benigh but was a silent threat. If I stop taking Aggrenox for more than five days, I get a stroke. Merck knew before it released Vioxx that it was a threat to the CV system. You were lucky; 100,000 other people weren’t.