• By this reasoning, people will be able to bring their support cobras, alligators, and tigers wherever they like.

  • By this reasoning, your an ignorant human being Bill. Cobras, Alligators, tigers, lions, etc. are all wild defensive predators. Pit bulls and staffordshire bull terriers with there breeding may display certain traits that may only be brought out by a careless, untraining, or abusive owner. By nature when correctly cared for these are some of the most loving and affectionate animals on earth that just want to be a friendly life-long companion. You and other ignorant human beings (along with uncaring or neglecting pit bull owners) are the reason these beautiful animals are being stereotyped and put down on a daily basis.

  • Jack Henley imputes to me beliefs that I do not hold. I was simply following the assumptions of the cited case. Dog breed bans are based, rightly or wrongly, on the belief that certain breeds are inherently dangerous.