“Cereal Maker Claims Non-Profit’s Bird Looks Too Much Like Toucan Sam”

“The Maya Archaeology Initiative is fighting back against claims by Kellogg North America that a bird depicted in MAI’s logo is too similar to ‘Toucan Sam,’ the fictional spokesbird for Froot Loops cereal.” In a response to the cease-and-desist letter from Kellogg lawyers, the Central American cultural philanthropy “noted the differences between the two toucans, including coloration, beak shape, and the fact that MAI’s bird is based on birds that actually exist in nature.” [Lowering the Bar](& welcome TechDirt readers)


  • Also their bird contains fruit.


  • I compared the two troubling toucans.

    Kelloggs’ claims are totally frivolous, IMHO.

    I mean, ludicrously frivolous.

  • I think Kellogg did that before with their Tony the Tiger and the Exxon Tiger.