Constitutional law roundup

Cato-intensive edition:


  • From what I understand, the Bible study group in question regularly had more than 50 people. I can see that being a problem.

    I think their ordinance is too strict though because it technically would limit groups much smaller, even if it’s not regularly enforced for smaller groups.

  • I am faced with similar exhaustion of remedies case in Massachusetts where the state expects me to agree to permanently protect 2/3’s of my land to get a “permit” to use the other third. Is this just a case of the state allowed to extort the landowner or is it a taking? How can I get advice from CATO on how to proceed since I am at the very beginning of this process?

  • Peter> Cato does not give legal advice or assist in individuals’ legal situations. Its amicus program contributes briefs in federal appellate cases in hopes of influencing the development of sound legal principle. For helpful advice on a local land taking issue, you might want to approach a local pro-property-rights legal center such as the New England Legal Foundation.