Food trucks near school grounds

The food-truck revival has stirred much enthusiasm, but now paternalists have begun to demand that goodie-laden vehicles — like drug dealers — be made to stay at a considerable distance from schools. [Bay Citizen]


  • And I was thinking that a food truck near the school would be a terrific option for the faculty and staff. Especially at an elementary school.

  • These aren’t really “food trucks”. They’re more like mobile candy/soda machines. If they were talking about actual food trucks, I would bet that the truck food would probably be better than what usually passes as food in a school cafeteria.

    That said, moving the trucks 1500 ft. away might ensure that the students get some exercise in their pursuit of poison. Ultimately, it’s not going to have any effect on what these kids eat.

  • “poison”…I always chuckle at that label used by food nannies in describing substances that are, well, not poisonous…

  • Years ago, I attended an urban public high school. Several food trucks were usually parked on the street behind the school. Pizza, candy, doughnuts, soda, hot chocolate – they served all the goodies we liked and couldn’t get in the (rotten) school cafeteria. Somehow we survived.

  • I really feel sorry for kids these days. Maybe we didn’t need to be as concerned about what we ate as kids because we actually went outside and played, but many of my favorite childhood memories involve a food substance that was 100% bad for me. Somehow, despite all those daily doses of sugar from boxes of Quisp and King Vitamin, etc. I came out pretty healthy.

    I think parents now have much more guilt and anxiety over being the “perfect” parent, I don’t think my parents worry about how they raised me due all the red dye #2 and whatever other carcinogens they fed me.