September 14 roundup


  • Can’t Congress ban the lead paint suits? These things are insane, totally unscientific shakedowns. That interfere with interstate commerce.

  • For those who are interested in carrying out chemistry experiments, one possible source to consider is Robert Bruce Thompson’s book “Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments” (O’Reilly, 2008.) From what one remembers, this book tells how to perform various chemistry experiments and has a somewhat educational emphasis. Among other things, the book recommends obtaining chemicals and related items individually as a preferred alternative to obtaining a chemistry set.
    Chemistry experiments may not be the only circumstance where concerns about hazardous advice can apply. In 2007, Make Magazine made the decision to not publish an article about a high voltage “antigravity lifter” project.

  • Also on the Mississippi paint case, Tom Freeland notes, of the court’s strong Daubert holding: “if the court shows any consistency (cough cough) this could help in the criminal cases with junk science issues.”