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“Overlawyered” is the name of a widely read blog on America’s legal system….

Thus begins an article in the new issue of The Economist, the London-based newsmagazine, discussing First Thing We Do, Let’s Deregulate All the Lawyers, a new book by Clifford Winston and Robert Crandall (Brookings) and Vikram Maheshri (University of Houston) on barriers to entry in the legal profession. Check it out here.


  • Good to see the Economist article recognize Overlawyered. Shame that the article itself was such superficial pap.

  • Thank you for pointing out this article. It does offer some amazing statistics: $64 billion too much paid to lawyers due to market distortions, plus $10 billion dead-weight loss. But I feel that they should have paid more attention to the problem of excess demand for lawyers.