“White Castle sued by overweight burger-lover”

New York: “A 290-pound diner claims the White Castle chain has violated the civil rights of its more sizable clientele by not following through on promises to make its tight booths bigger to accommodate their bellies.” [S.F. Chronicle]


  • *There is not enough facepalms in the world for this one*

  • The problem is that if White Castle provides bigger seating, the improved new access of those tasty little sliders for Mr. Kessman will only result in an enlargment of the plaintiff, until which time as the accommodation in seating no longer meets Mr. Kessman’s increasing lateral dimensions, at which point he once again becomes an aggrieved victim, again unable to ingest those delightful greasy burgers in the restaurant.


  • I’m sort of picturing the restaurant of the future, one with no seating whatsoever…

  • If the restaurant would serve him then he would sue them for contributing to his health problem.

  • Apparently his automobile is large enough to convey him to the local White Castle. Why doesn’t he use the drive through window?

  • KDP – he sends his wife for take-out…

  • I saw that. He now sends his wife to pick up at the diner. But I have the impression that he wants to go inside the restaurant to dine and has in the past, which is the basis of the complaint. Therefore, he must have some transport to White Castle. Unless it’s the bus. I don’t suppose even a New York bus will pull up to a drive-in window.

  • At 290 pounds, unless he is over 6 foot tall, his body mass index is 40 which means he is “morbidly obese.”