“Actress sues Amazon over her age on its IMDb site”

“An actress has sued Amazon.com for more than $1m after her age was posted on its Internet Movie Database. The unnamed actress says the website misused her legal date of birth after she signed up to the IMDbPro service in 2008.” [BBC]


  • The Complaint is available @ Justia:
    Doe v. Amazon.com, Inc. et al

  • She’s entitled to damages. I’ll bet 500 people saw the site. For the eight people paying attention to her age, they probably thought .000001 percent differently about her. Someone will have to compute the math.

  • Do we get to know her name if she loses the suit?

  • Jenna Maroney?

  • Seems like a stretch to me and more of a “cause” case filed by famed “Internet” attorney John Dozier. First, how much damage could possibly have been suffered by a self-described “lesser known forty year old actress”? And how will she possibly prove what work she would have received but didn’t because somebody saw her actual age on the IMDB site? Second, how is publishing information that by their own allegations is available from public records even actionable? They allege “unlawful” searches, but how can you unlawfully search public reocrds? Oh . . . so much wrong with this one.

  • See also this analysis, especially re (what strikes me as a likely) misuse of the “Jane Doe” privilege.

  • I thought that people were free to publish true facts of public record about people. The date of birth of everyone is a matter of public record and is available from many different sources.

    Did she not read the TOS when she signed up for IMdB’s service? I am sure that they only acted in accordance the contract she signed.