CSPI suit: Fruit by the Foot promotion left out unfavorable facts

The promotional claims that General Mills makes about its snack product seem to be accurate enough, but the busybody Center for Science in the Public Interest says the company should be calling attention to other, less positive nutritional facts too. Stephen Richer wonders whether dating profiles are going to have to begin listing the candidate’s less appealing qualities. [WLF Legal Pulse]


  • If anyone should be sued for conveying false information it is the Center for Science in the Public Interest. Is very name is false. There is no science to their claims and they are decidedly not in the public interest.

  • you forgot one, Richard: they’re not in the center either. They’re so far to the left of center you can’t even see the center from there 🙂

  • As best I can recall, CSPI is part of the debris left behind in Nader’s wake, staffed by people who think Ralphy is a scientist.

    They seem to use the Nader method of science, which is to first form your conclusions and then scurry around like mad to find evidence to support it.