“Has Amnesty International Jumped the Shark?”

Julian Ku at Opinio Juris is not impressed with the NGO’s demand that the government of Canada arrest former U.S. President George W. Bush, and neither is George Jonas, writing in Canada’s National Post. Related: John Fonte (Hudson) on his new book, “Sovereignty or Submission: Liberal Democracy or Global Governance?” [Foreign Policy Research Institute]


  • there no amount of sarcasm that i could spew that is not already contained in the articles linked.

  • AI is a far left political pressure group, no more and no less.
    They have no case whatsoever and they know it, but they can’t let go of their age old Bush hatred (or Bush Derangement Syndrome as it is properly known in medical terms).

  • I’d love to see Canada take up AI’s offer and then see what a can of worms, diplomatically, it would open.

  • Being the most disastrous U.S. President in history is not an indictable offense.

    But maybe we should take another look at the 5 USSC justices who voted him into office…

  • We know, Hugo–just look at the current President.
    As fo “looking at the five USSC justices”: you SHOULD be doing that to the four Justices, the Floida Supremes, and the Florida judge who started this in the first place.

  • Amnesty International knows full well that the Canadian government is not going to arrest Bush. Canada is currently governed by the Conservative party, and the prime minister had a good relationship with Mr. Bush when he was president. And Canada’s immigration minister, Jason Kenney, has been in a war of words with Amnesty International for some time. So AI knows that their demand is going to be ignored. This is just a stunt they’re pulling to garner publicity for themselves and to try to make the Canadian government look bad.

  • I advise A.J. Wenting above to read Robert Jackson’s closing argument in the Nuremberg Trial. Jackson said the major crime of the Germans was disturbance of the peace. In particular, German officers were ordered to wage war on Poland and told that a reason for the war would be found afterwards.

    David Kay and then Charles Duelfer were dispatched to find WMD to justify the attack on Iraq. The policy was not driven by faulty intelligence, rather pieces of intelligence were exaggerated and twisted to support the policy. Much was made, for example, of Iraq’s purchase of high performance Aluminum tubes. The people in the Energy Department who were responsible for our nuclear arsenal reported that the tubes were the wrong length and the wrong diameter for Uranium centrifuges, and their chemical treatment was incompatible with enrichment.

    We were able to hold Germans accountable for launching an unjustified war because they lost that war. The equally culpable Americans did not suffer absolute defeat in their war , and war crime trials are for losers only. In my opinion, George W. Bush just wanted to kill people.

  • Grow up, Nuesslein.