October 3 roundup


  • As a Louisiana resident, and worker in New Orleans, I cannot help but enjoy this schadenfreude pie handed to me.

    Armed with an app that points them out, I avoid those intersections like the plague. When I can’t, I make especially sure to stop at the intersection when the light turns yellow.

    It’s smirk bringing when it seems that the NOPD believes that “The law is for the little people, but not for me.”

  • The Economist essay says “Only a teacher who is frequently being misunderstood by students should be sent to mandatory training. ”
    Straw dogs are in season.

    Philip Howard has been talking about The Death of Common Sense for many years and I and Mr. Olson have been fans of Mr. Howard for almost as long. I believe that Mr. Howard, Mr. Olson and I would be against talk police, but for digression of school administrator to require language therapy for problem cases without being subject to law suits.