• Another great reason to disband the Department of Education…

  • I’d rather clean house at the Justice Department or should I call it the Enforcement Arm of the Democratic Party?

  • the mother had her son tested and the result was adhd but chooses not to medicate. the private school declined. why not choose another school? did she have her son classified disabled just for the heck or the money from uncle sam?

  • @confused Some people believe, that kids are over-medicated. The believe is, that the pill should be the last option for the most difficult cases. It is currently often used as a default easy solution for mild cases. Schools sometimes require ritalin prescription where you would just say ‘he will grow out of it’ 10 years ago.

    Given the 12.3% of boys in 2007-2009 diagnosed with ADHD, there may be something to it. I could not find ritalin prescription rates, sorry.

    Ritalin is huge improvement for most difficult cases, but it may cause problems in the long term for mild cases.

    I have no idea whether the kid in question is extremely difficult or not. If he is one of those extremely difficult, the school has a point. If he is not, then the mother has a point.