Constitutional law roundup

  • High court tees up case on ObamaCare constitutionality, potentially one of the most significant in decades [Ilya Shapiro, Cato]
  • “Andrew Sullivan Is Wrong About the Supreme Court and Guns” [Damon Root]
  • Trade groups’ advocacy: judge quashes Tillery subpoena as chilling to free association [Madison County Record]
  • Takings: “California’s Kafkaesque Rent Control Laws” [Richard Epstein] Things may be worse in China, though: “more than one attendee described Beijing as Kelo-on-steroids” [same]
  • No, the federal government can’t find authority to overstep its otherwise delimited powers by entering into treaties calling for it to do so [Shapiro]
  • Authors: U.S. Constitution is becoming less influential as model to foreign nations [Law/Versteeg via Zick, ConcurOp]
  • Fight between strip-search lawyers leaves little to imagination [Kerr]

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