Enviro groups: beware brass at Disneyland

Several environmental groups say objects accessible to visitors at Disney parks, such as brass knobs, test positive for lead. “The groups filed suit against Disneyland in April based on a California law that requires businesses to post warnings when lead levels in fixtures and other items exceed certain levels.” Lead in brass and similar stable alloys is often regarded as posing little or no danger as compared with lead in more readily ingestible forms, but has nonetheless been swept in for similar treatment under various ill-conceived laws. [Orlando Sentinel]


  • if we could just get those california folks would just stop licking door knobs and windows….

  • Or filling their heads with them.

  • Are environmental groups aware that the dirt in front of many homes and around the roots of many crops contain deadly pathogens and compounds? There are no safe amounts of these which may be consumed, as the composition of “soil” and “dirt” differes from place to place.

    Where are the warnings?