Free speech and chilling effects roundup

  • “Stamp Out Online Misogyny?” [Wendy Kaminer, Brendan O’Neill]
  • Jacob Mchangama of Danish think tank CEPOS on blasphemy laws and Islam-critical speech [Nov. 4 FedSoc., PDF]
  • Niall Ferguson to sue LRB scribe? “If he won’t apologise for calling me a racist, I will persecute him until he does” [Guardian; more, Atlantic Wire] New York judge quashes subpoena seeking to identify anonymous bloggers in rabbi-defamation suit [Paul Alan Levy]
  • “If bullying has gone down, how can it be a pandemic?” By broadening its definition to include such behaviors as “eye-rolling” and pointed non-invitation [Hans Bader/Examiner, Neal McCluskey/Cato]
  • “I strongly recommend an umbrella policy for all bloggers. Defending myself cost nearly $100,000, thankfully paid by insurance.” [@DianaHsieh]
  • Federal crime under CFAA to lie on the internet? [Kerr, more, yet more, Balko]
  • “Will Canada Repeal its Hate Speech Law?” [Peter Worthington, Frum Forum]

One Comment

  • Franco Harris, football star at Penn State in the 70’s, Pittsburgh Steeler star, and Hall of Famer wrote a tweet expressing his support for Joe Paterno. He never comitted a crime nor is there any evidence he was involved in anything that happened at Penn State. He had a job fronting for a casino in Pittsburgh; they “fired” him. The Mayor of Pittsburgh, an elected government official, forced him off a local scholarship board. So much for freedom of speech.