Law schools roundup

  • Blog feature at National Law Journal on future of law schools stirs discussion with contributions by William Henderson, Brian Tamanaha and more, James Moliterno, followups here and here, plus a profile of renegade lawprof Paul Campos;
  • Richard Fallon: when should scholars sign amicus “scholars’ briefs”? [via Kenneth Anderson]
  • “If law school isn’t miserable, you aren’t doing it right.” [@Popehat]
  • “Chicago’s View on the Future of Law and Economics” [Josh Wright] Vanderbilt Law Review publishes tributes to Prof. Richard Nagareda [ConcurOp]
  • White House awards ceremony for Legal Left broadcast to >100 law schools [BLT]
  • “U of Illinois Law School Admits To Six Years of False LSAT/GPA Data” [ABA Journal]
  • Life in legal academia: 10/22 Temple confab on “Aging in the US: The Next Civil Rights Movement?” [via Post, Volokh]
  • “All law is public law.” No, not really [Solum on 10/21 HLS conference]
  • Thanks to Northwestern’s Federalist Society for inviting me to speak on Schools for Misrule this week as part of my Chicago visit. And thanks to Declan McCullagh for saying “all prospective law school students should” listen to the related Cato podcast. Why not book me for the spring semester to speak at your institution?


  • “If law school isn’t miserable, you aren’t doing it right.”

    Maybe if you’re at Cooley, or a night program, or you have a family.  But, if I could “Groundhog Day” a part of my life, it totally would be law school – and I worked hard enough at a T-14 to get a CoA clerkship. (Of course, law school is pretty much a re-do of high-school….)

  • […] uses to sue Louisiana businesses that subsidize it through their tax dollars. Legal commentator Walter Olson has an interesting book, Schools for Misrule, that discusses the phenomenon of state-funded law […]

  • […] discussed at length in Schools for Misrule, a recent book by the Cato Institute’s Walter Olson.  Olson comments on the New York Times article here. Cancel replyLeave a CommentName *E-mail […]