“Lawyer Pleads Guilty in Scheme to Elect Condo Board Members Favoring Construction Lawsuits”

“A Las Vegas lawyer who once ran a courthouse restaurant has pleaded guilty in a scheme to take $3,000 in kickbacks to rig two condo board elections in Nevada.” The takeover of the condo boards, advanced by methods that included stuffing ballot boxes with fake ballots, made it possible to bring in a favored law firm to file construction-defect suits. “Federal prosecutors claim conspirators used straw buyers to buy properties in about a dozen condo communities from 2003 to 2009 and helped them win control of condo boards, AP says.” A wider investigation continues whose targets allegedly include judges. [ABA Journal]


  • I love this trackback. Great reading for the whole family, really.

  • Thanks for catching, deleted now. (It was attorney promotion spam.) I think I mostly succeed in screening out such things before they appear, but it’s easier to slip while moderating comments by cellphone, which I’ve been doing a lot lately while on the road.

  • Spammers are always one step ahead. You really have to admire the scope of their evil.