• They are coming up with weirder Olympic sports every (fourth) year, aren’t they?

  • This headline brings up so many painful memories.

    As a youth, I qualified for the Olympic Goat Goring event, but then Jimmy Carter had to go and boycott The Olympics.

  • Who is goring goats and why?

  • Top of the day to both you boys. Normally I would have to head over to Fark for chuckles like you two provided. Keep up the good work.

  • The park service gets sued and the goat doesn’t even get a warning. Sue the goat!

  • Mr. Coyote, we clearly warned you not to buy the jet-powered pogo stick. You even signed off on the pain waiver.

    We simply cannot be held liable every time you “accidentally” drop an anvil on yourself, causing you to look like a living accordion in the process.

    Oddly, you seem to be just fine less than ten seconds later, and quite frankly our lawyers think you only wear the leg cast or bandages on your head in a futile attempt of insurance fraud. We’ve seen – literally hundreds of different times – how you fall off a cliff, make a coyote-shaped hole in the ground, and yet manage not to be a bag of skin filled with pulverized bones and internal-organ stew.

    On the advice of counsel, we are blocking your phone numbers, IP address, and – if it comes down to it – we will sue YOU for harassment.

    Consider this matter closed.

  • It is a National Park, not Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park.

    Up in Glacier National Park, the grizzly bears eat campers almost every year.

  • I suppose the bears rightfully consider them the equivalent of a cart at a dim sum restaurant on a weekend morning.


  • What part of “wilderness” was unclear?

  • This event occurred in the Olympic Mountains on the Olympic Peninsula, WA, which I could see from my window if the Seattle area were not so blasted cloudy all the time. I recall that the guy was on a day hike with his wife and another woman. He thought he could out-machismo a wild goat, scare it off the trail. After a few minutes of flagrantly chewing the cud at this two-legged upstart, the goat put him in his place. I’m guessing that there are enough nature lovers around here (who know full well not to mess with a wild goat) that any jury will probably side with the goat. After the ridiculous cost of legal action, of course.