“Passing along” our new tax? Tell it to the judge, mate

The official Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is menacing businesses with audits, “substantiation notices” and potentially stiff fines if they tell customers — even over the phone or in emails — that future price hikes on goods or services are the result of the nation’s newly adopted carbon tax. I discuss at Cato at Liberty (& Mark Hemingway, Weekly Standard).


  • Nice Freedom of Speech from the socialist totalitarians down under.

    Time for an Austalian Bill of Rights.

  • Businesses can post copies of the censorship edict by their cash registers, and appropriate places on their web sites. It would have the same effect as a blackened column space on a newspaper front page in a not very effective dictatorship.
    It would be interesting to see if the Australian government’s next step would be to ban publication of their own orders.

  • The Ministry of Truth says …

  • Gas stations in FL have stickers on them stating that $X.XX in state and federal taxes are included in the price per gallon. It’s nice to see how much of the price is not for the product itself.