San Francisco Happy Meal ban

It takes effect Thursday, but, as some had predicted, the hamburger chain seems to be evading its reach fairly easily just by assigning a separate price to the toy. [SF Weekly]


  • I’m very happy McDonalds had the balls to do this. The SF city counsel must be steaming.

  • I thoroughly enjoy the nose of the council being tweaked by McDonald’s.

  • Perhaps an effort should be made to send clown noses to the SF City Council. I’m sure they’d appreciate it. They’re pretty cheap.

    The noses, not the City Council. The City Council is expensive!

  • Oh… John……

    Why did you proffer that idea?

    *too good*

    Grinch like ideas percolating now.

    Excuse me, I have to google something.

    *hee hee hee*

  • It’s a sublimely simple bird-flipping response to the do-good, nanny-staters, right? And damn, McDonalds’ fries are still the best. I like extra salt on mine. Except in San Francisco. Or New York. 🙂

  • @Richard A Harrison: Wendy’s is giving McD a run for the fry money. Their new version is actually pretty good. Both W and McD continue to have franchise-level problems with cooking to the right degree of done-ness, though.

  • @John. I tried the “new” Wendy’s fries. They taste worse than the BK fries now. McD’s fries, even when lamped, are good. When they are fresh out of the frier, with a slight dash o’ salt, you’re in fry Nirvana.

    Great, now I’m hungry.

  • Wienerschnitzel’s fries, which I just had the other day (once every month or two doesn’t kill me), were fantastic. Possibly even better than McD’s. Then if you get their chili cheese fries, you’re in heaven (although if you eat the stuff, you’re certainly closer to getting there sooner!)

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