Christmas highlights of Overlawyered past

From the archives:

  • Christmas in legalese: “…Hosiery was meticulously suspended from the forward edge of the woodburning caloric apparatus… ” [1999]
  • California lawyer using Prop 65 bounty-hunting statute goes after silver dragées found on some gingerbread houses [2005; more on gingerbread (and chestnut-roasting) hazards, 2002]
  • Yuletide in old England less jolly given health and safety adjustments [2007, 2009]
  • Santa’s extra helper might be a witness in case of litigation, and other items from the legal-Claus file [2005]
  • “Law firm offers divorce vouchers for Christmas” [2009]
  • Unable to cope with CPSIA testing rules, charity will discontinue donating handcrafted wood toys [2010]
  • “Cease this shouting!” cried Grinch, “From all Yule din desist!” But he’d Moved To The Nuisance and so, case dismissed [Art Carden, Forbes on Whoville externalities] [2010]

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