Don’t (if you’re a lawyer seeking favorable rulings in your case) attract national attention by assailing the judge and other court officials as, among other epithets, “Popess,” “mindless numbnut,” “dastardly Jesuit,” and “bigoted Catholic beasts.” [Lowering the Bar, Minnesota]


  • I bet the statements are stuck a nerve because of their accuracy and the stupid sleazy judges are just using it as an easier-than-average excuse to not be impartial.

  • Per national news coverage, the judge targeted for the brunt of the insults says she isn’t of the Catholic faith at all, which may be a clue as to the “accuracy” quotient.

  • or, i bet that the defendent and her attorney are just ill behaved and think the world should revolve around themselves. Both should be disciplined and disbarred.

  • This reminds me of the wonderful observation someone made about Rakofsky in his “Internet mobbing” case:
    “The motion is a freakish mess, of a quality I would normally associate with mid-range pro se work — not as bad as a homeless psychotic pro se, but not as good as a reasonably articulate and experienced pro se, like a tax protester or something.”