Employment law roundup

  • Age discrimination law (including my views) discussed [Reihan Salam, NRO] “3d Cir.: Employees Fired for Pornographic Emails Lose Age-Discrimination Case” [Molly DiBianca]
  • Will Obama administration lawsuit derail employer use of career-readiness certificates? [Charlotte Allen, Minding the Campus]
  • A warning for Gov. Cuomo: “The case against pension-financed infrastructure” [Edward Zelinsky, OUP]
  • EEOC is on the warpath and employers had better hope they escape unscathed [Hans Bader, CEI]
  • Since we know unemployment extensions have no incentive effects, this story from the Midwest is purely imaginary [Marietta, Ohio Times, related]
  • Court rejects “announcement of same sex marriage harassed me” hostile environment claim [Volokh] “Jobs with a higher risk of sexual harassment pay workers more” [WaPo] Half of all students harassed? Surprising it’s only half [Katie Roiphe, NYT]
  • Funny-sad “666” workplace suit: “The safety sticker of the beast” [Volokh]
  • “Do you know what an employment lawsuit costs?” [Jon Hyman]


  • That harassment complaint against the same-sex marriage recognitions was mind boggling! I’m astounded that Christians in the United States manage to feel persecuted.

  • Then be astounded, Robert. There certainly is persecution of Christians in the US. There is a lot of other persecution out there, too (Jews, muslims, atheists, racial, nerds…). It does not typically rise to the level of Christians vs. Lions, but occasionally someone is murdered for their Christian religion in the US. Columbine immediately comes to mind. I agree that persecution of Christians in the US is not as widespread as, say, the Coptics in Egypt.

    If you happen to be referring to the same sex union case, I suggest you read the allegations of the 666 case, which on the surface may provide a good example of such persecution. (Note that we have the allegations only. I think the most likely scenario is that the boss et al. did not like the guy for a variety of reasons, then used the 666 issue as an excuse. He/They chose poorly.)