Glendale bans fake grass

The Los Angeles suburb claims it adopted the ban because of dangers posed by chemicals, toxins and plastics present in artificial turf. Might there perhaps be an alternative motive, that of policing residents’ aesthetic taste in landscaping? Well, the ban applies only to front yards: “When asked why the fake grass would continue to be allowed in backyards, officials had no answer.” [CBS Los Angeles]


  • Given the chronic water problems in the LA area, it would make more sense to ban real grass.

  • When you think of all the fertilizers and pesticides used to make the grass green and weed free, there may be more chemicals with real grass.

  • It’s a move to bolster California’s economy by promoting fertilizer sales.

  • I’d like to see a super-rich Glendale resident tweak the law by creating a front “lawn” made completely from Lego bricks.

  • Double brownie points if he lives under the thumb of an HOA.

  • Ex post facto

    So Glendale can make what was legal at the time it was done illegal and then fine the home owner. What’s to stop them from then realizing that the fertilizer creates a greater hazard, requiring fake grass, and fining the very same owners for not changing back fast enough? This could be followed up by reversing their law every year.

    This would be a good way to generate money for the city, the turf makers, and the makers of lawn care products. I assume this would be all perfectly legal.

  • Pesticides and fertilizers are environmentally toxic, especially to water supplies.

    Astroturf is not.