Red Cross considers crackdown on videogame “war crimes”

Next up, regicide on the chessboard? “One of the world’s largest and most respected humanitarian groups … is investigating whether the Geneva and Hague conventions should be applied to the fictional recreation of war in video games.” [Kotaku]


  • One can only hope this turns out to be a parody. I’d be much more impressed if the Red Cross and other gov’ts and organizations had the courage to go after those persons routinely violating the law of armed conflict.

  • (Also, Bishops may no longer be captured if they remain in their designated spot.)
    My favorite “war criminal” of all time was a priest in Vietnam (his name escapes), who was also a medic, and carried a sawed-off shotgun under his cassock (talk about giving someone the last rites).

    No point, really. Just thought I’d share

  • you know, they are just begging to have a violent video game to made that features themselves.

  • Your fictional character, Sergeant Slaughter, has been convicted of war crimes. You are required to press the F11 key, whereupon SGT Slaughter will be hanged.

  • Really, video games should not allow players to violate any laws, period. Take for instance, the Zelda games – our “hero” routinely breaks into poor, innocent civilians’ houses, smashes everything around him, steals everything he can, and returns to repeat the process once his victims have repaired and replaced their goods after his last rampage. The man should get sent to prison, and never see the light of day again! Why, oh why, are we letting our youths be corrupted by such garbage!?!

  • Somebody please explain the concept of “fiction” to Jay and Silent Bob.

  • So… what’s going to happen to Leisure Suit Larry?

  • And apparently Boardwalk and Park Place were grossly overvalued based on inflated appraisals by a global conspiratorial enterprise intending to overleverage the property as collateral for securitized mortgage instruments . . . et voila, Monopoly is banned.

  • Pacman is a cannibal and should be treated as such.

  • Well, it’s about time! Consider how many gnomes have died in World of Warcraft alone:

    Someone has to think of the children.