Schools roundup

  • Students respond to L.A.’s “healthful” school lunch initiative with a loud “yuck” [L.A. Times, Michelle Malkin/NRO]
  • L.I.: School suspends students for “Tebow” kneeling in hallway [Newsday]
  • “Growing number of college students asking for wiggle room with their academic workloads due to mental health issues.” [WSJ]
  • Proposal to address “learning disability” tangle: give all test-takers extra time [Ruth Colker, SSRN, see p. 126] A.D.H.D. diagnosis and the academic struggle for advantage [Melana Zyla Vickers, NYT “Room for Debate”] “Pediatrician Group Seeks to Boost ADHD Diagnoses” [Sullum]
  • Will distance technology defeat the teachers’ union? [Larry Sand, City Journal]
  • Time to repeal Maryland’s awful “maintenance of effort” law on school funding [WaPo, Baltimore Sun] Contra: MSEA, PDF.
  • French-language cops: “Montreal schools move to scan playground chatter” [Ottawa Citizen]


  • In regard to the first article, it’s another piece of evidence against the canard that the poor are only obese because they don’t have access to healthy foods. Food vendors cater to consumer demand, not the other way around.

  • Roger that, John.

    Some of that stuff, Pad Thai, Carribean meatballs, sounds good, but it’s just as fattening as cheeseburgers, is unfamiliar, and may be executed by concentration camp cooks. Some of the rest sounds like the slop I feed to pigs.

    How long before they start expelling students for possession of contraband food?

  • “Cheetos smugglers!”