International law roundup


  • I enjoyed the UN Human Rights Council’s report on the US human rights record. Of course, we’re not perfect, and most of us would recognize need for improvements. But the Council members include Cuba, Russia, Saudi Arabia and China. I read the reports on Cuba. While noting that the Cuban government refused any cooperation with the UN representatives and that there have been recent waves of arbitrary detention and imprisonment in Cuba, the UN report blamed the much of the rotten Cuban human rights situation on the US embargo! If only those nasty Americans would lighten up a bit, why, Cuba would become a beacon of human rights and democracy for the rest of the world. I’m sure the 50+ years of communist dictatorship has had nothing to do with it. Who knew?

  • Amazing how the UN can focus on clean water and sanitation in the USA while the just about the whole of Africa can go unnoticed. Must also be the fault of those nasty Americans.