January 21 roundup

  • Because judges should decide cases the way clamoring crowds want them to: “Occupy the Courts” [Althouse, Somin, earlier] Pittsburgh lawprof: bank’s office park has become public forum and is ours to seize [Daily Caller]
  • Some reactions to Megaupload indictment [Julian Sanchez, Ken at Popehat]
  • Kozinski, others trade quips at oral argument in Disneyland Segway ADA case [Courthouse News via Disabilities Law, earlier] “Ouch! Judge Posner eviscerates both a damages expert and the trial judge who let him testify against FedEx” [Technology Law Notes]
  • Victim of NYC gun laws: “Free Meredith Graves” [NRO] “NYC Business Bled To Death Over Toy Guns” [Moonbattery]
  • “Old Enough to Fight, Old Enough to Swipe: A Critique of the Infancy Rule in the Federal Credit Card Act” [Andrew Schwartz (Colorado), SSRN, via Ted Frank]
  • Federal drug cops unapologetic about role in Adderall shortage [Rob Port] A failure of central planning [Reuters, Jacob Sullum and more (“Does the DEA know what ‘quota’ means?”)] Some trial lawyers pushing to ban the drug [via Ted Frank].
  • Go, my child, and steal no more: TSA agents who pilfered $40K from luggage get six months [AP via Balko]


  • RE: TSA agents..

    6 months?? And the government wants us to trust them..

  • Hey, it’s not like they actually stole anything of value. đŸ˜›

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes

  • Law is for the little people. Shut up and eat your cake.

  • On Adderall, I saw that link when Ted tweeted it and posted this comment on the site:

    Reprehensible, trying to ban this drug, which has changed my writing life from torture to a sometimes-tough job I love.

    The answer is for physicians to better vet their patients for heart problems — not to take it away from people like me whose life it has changed immeasurably for the better.

  • I track the TSA very closely and, on average, there’s 1 TSA arrested for crimes against passengers every 9 days since the TSA started. The most common thing for them to steal is pills, followed by cash and watches.

    I had a watch stolen at LAX that was actually recovered when they arrested him and found thousands of dollars worth of goods in his apartment. When I read about this, I contact the police department with the serial number and description of my watch.

    Six months is a joke. They need to be charged with treason and sentenced to death. If these folks are so good at sneaking stuff out of passenger bags, how much do you think you’d have to pay them to sneak something in?

  • Around the web, January 27…

    That amendments to the Lacey Act make it impossible for American businesses to comply with importation regulations (as in the case of Gibson Guitar) without risking draconian criminal consequences is viewed by environmentalists and domestic producer sp…