January 23 roundup

  • Copyright violations on PIPA sponsors’ websites? [VICE] “A SOPA Analogy” [David Henderson]
  • DEA agent who mistakenly shot self loses appeal [BLT, earlier]
  • “And people say libertarians lack empathy”: AP adopts pre-emptively disapproving tone toward advances in pain control [Coyote; related, Alkon on Primatene Mist]
  • Cordray, NLRB recess picks allow President to reward key Democratic interest groups [Copland, Examiner] Litigation Lobby gunning for ban on consumer finance arbitration as Cordray priority [CL&P] Mike Rappaport on the recess appointment clause [LLL, earlier here, etc.]
  • Keystone’s just the half of it: US environmental funders push shutdown of Canada energy production [Vivian Krause, Financial Post]
  • Hot potato, or just hot business sector? “Credit Suisse Parts with Litigation Finance Group” [WSJ Law Blog]
  • Speaking of shoplifters in elected office [Harrisburg Patriot-News on Perry County, Pa. case h/t commenter A.A.; earlier on California case]

One Comment

  • DEA agent who mistakenly shot self .
    The video, Meythaler (a lawyer for Paige) said, “was a private fact, particularly since the video revealed his identity and subjected him to the very real threat of being killed because of his undercover activities.”

    ………and giving a demo showing his gun off to 50 children and parents at a community centre WASN’T revealing his identity and subjecting him to the real threat of being killed?

    Only in a Lawyer’s argument where logic is a alien concept I suppose.