N.J.: overdoses on Xanax, collects $4.1 million

“A man who overdosed on stolen drugs he ingested at a party in 2007 has settled his lawsuit with a pharmacy, several guests, the party’s host and the host’s mother for $4.1 million. … [Scott] Simon sued the pharmacy for not taking proper precautions to avoid the theft of drugs. He also sued several guests, the party’s host and the host’s parents, who were away for the weekend.” [AP via NJLRA, Schepisi & McLaughlin]


  • You wonder why they settled? I suppose it’s hard to defend yourself against a handicapped child.

  • Lest Robert’s comment be misinterpreted, the 17-year-old “child” (an apt description in this case) is the one that caused himself to become handicapped.

    Letting someone profit by their lawbreaking is generally frowned upon (and should be – in this case, receiving stolen goods) but anything goes in a settlement.