• Did Michael Allegretti actually research this information or did he just make things up that sound good to him?

    As a union worker in Monroe County, I haven’t seen a raise in over three years since the contract expired January 1, 2009. The countys offer was to cut benefits (becuase they claim they couldn’t afford it), at the same time giving wonderful raises to the political appointiees running the county. At this point, they are refusing to negotiate.

    In this case, its the County who is being “intransigence.”

  • It sounds AWFUL there Nurse Robert. Too bad they hold you in chains and don’t let you leave such a horrible employer for one that offers better working conditions and compensation.

  • Actually, No Name, its a pretty good job, and in this day and age, thats a good thing. I don’t have a problem with the pay. If you had actually read my response you would see that I’m not critizing the job, but the hypocracy of the leadership of the county who have no problem giving themselves hugh pay raises while refusing to negotiate in good faith with the people who make them look good.