• Comparing a Supreme nominee to district and even circuit nominees is, well, a bit disingenuous. As to whether Alito is “well within the mainstream,” everyone is entitled to their opinion, no matter how outlier it may be.

  • You have lost all credibility for saying that Alito is “well within the mainstream”. The only stream he’s in the middle of is a stream of bad reasoning and extremism. That’s not the kind of stream which makes for good judging.

  • Only “those who think they are superior” would position Alito as outside the mainstream of middle America.

  • [Obama is]
    >the only sitting president in American history who has voted to filibuster a judicial nomination

    A little bit misleading. Before Obama, the last ex-Senator to become President was Richard Nixon in 1969. The modern era of Senatorial disputes on USSC nominations did not start until 1969.

  • Wouldn’t Sen. Obama’s “no” vote fall into the “down” category of “simple up-or-down vote”?

  • MJS, what does “think they are superior” have to do with the price of tea in China?

  • I’m surprised I would have to explain…..

    This phrase refers to the elites, the progressives, the cognoscente–all of whom believe they know more than the folks of middle America.

  • @mjs You mean anyone who does not follow right wing ideology to the letter?

  • Hugo, it might be an uncommon case, but that doesn’t make it any less meaningful that someone who filibustered an appointment is now claiming that filibustering is bad.

  • No, MJS, it still makes no sense.