Sending a remittance to Zimbabwe

The U.S. government really doesn’t believe in making it easy, which is why you might think of using a financial institution in Singapore, where they will be happy to do business. “The whole affair was just another friendly reminder of why I try to avoid doing anything in the US at all. Regulations, financial tracking, consumer protection… it’s just too damn difficult to get anything done.” [Simon Black, Sovereign Man]


  • in the meantime, tens of thousands of folks come to the US for the opportunities.

  • I’m not sure how much I blame the US government in this case. Despite a flimsy “power-sharing” deal, Zimbabwe remains under the control of a vicious kleptocracy. Should it be easy for foreigners to buy stolen goods? Was it a point in favor of Swiss banks that they accepted dubious gold from the Nazis in the closing days of WWII?
    A flat embargo may be too much, but some extra hoops for a bona-fide businessman to hop through are not necessarily unreasonable.