Bribing states to spend and regulate

In the earlier and sounder conception of federalism, local and national government were meant to check each other’s overweening power. Nowadays, unfortunately, the two often interact in a cooperative way to encourage bigger government at both levels, as Washington bribes the states to spend and regulate more. I explain at Cato at Liberty (& Damon Root, Reason).

One Comment

  • “Thus the Obama administration, realizing that public opinion is not yet ready for a federal-level campaign to demonize fattening and salty foods, is happy to drop millions of dollars on local governments like Mayor Bloomberg’s in New York City to do exactly that.”

    Fair enough. And maybe you are right. But I think you are remiss by not putting this in context. The federal government has been doing since before Obama was born. Let’s not bundle up every beef with government and put it on President Obama’s doorstep.