Brockovich meets Tourette’s in Leroy, N.Y.

“In non-Western countries, demons and witchcraft are still sometimes blamed for outbreaks of fainting and fits [PDF]. Pollution, poisoning, chemical weapons, and other environmental concerns are dominant in the West (a fact that makes Brockovich something of a mass hysteria machine). Some bloggers are now claiming that the upstate New York girls fell ill because of the HPV vaccine or fracking.” [Ruth Graham, Slate]


  • looks like at least 1 of the reporters touting HPV would have asked the girls if they were given the shots. I don’t see that in any of the related articles.

  • I blame it on Global Warming!

    I didn’t realize that that charlatan is still going around blaming whatever chemical they can find in the environment as the cause of some mysterious disease.

  • From the Salem Witch Trials onwards, mass hysteria brings out every charlatan and con-artist to join in the festivities.