Family of college hazing victim sues bus company

“The driver of a bus on which Florida A&M University drum major Robert Champion was beaten to death in November stood guard while he was assaulted by fellow band members, according to a lawsuit filed Monday in Orlando by Champion’s family.” The bus was parked in a hotel parking lot with the driver not aboard during the incident. The president of the sued company disputes the contentions, saying the driver “did not see any hazing aboard the bus on which Champion collapsed. ‘If she would have seen that, we definitely would have stopped it,'” he said. [Orlando Sentinel]


  • The details of this case are horrifying. The bus driver was put in a terrible situation having to drive a bus full of thugs around. I hope she has a cause to sue the school. Her job wasn’t to drive a prison bus; these were supposed to be college students.

  • The alleged “victim” was a grown man in his mid 20’s, not a nine year old on a school bus. He was not held against his will, so it can be argued he assented to the hazing. This is another nail in the coffin of personal responsibility if the suit is allowed to continue.

  • Robert –

    If you read the article, the suit states the bus driver told other drivers that she was part of the Bus C “posse.” Hardly against her will. Driving a school bus, wearing goofy uniforms, and playing a bassoon = thug life! Look out, he’s gotta piccolo!

    I must be old, when I traipsed the halls of college, band kids were considered dorky…