• I am reminded of the scene in the movie, Indecent Proposal, where two potential clients enter a lawyer’s office and overhear his telephone conversation with another client. “You agreed to have you wife sleep with X for a million dollars? I told you never to make an agreement without my being present. I could have got it up to two million.”
    When he puts down the phone, the two potential clients tell him they’ve heard enough: he’s their man.

  • I am not a huge fan of lawyer advertising- at least not of this sort. But there is a legitimate point being made here, albeit poorly: many lawyers do nudge clients to “settle cheap”, or take less than full value for the ease of a quick settlement. This gets the lawyer paid quickly, but may not always result in the best value to the client. Clients should be choosing lawyers who will act in the client’s best interest, not their own. If the client wants to settle quick and cheap after being properly advised, well, that’s different.
    But most lawyer ads- Ick.

  • The punctuation of the sign is interesting. “Successful, Greedy, Attorneys.” Does that differ in meaning from “Successful, Greedy Attorneys”?