“Indian court forces Facebook, Google to censor content”

“The Delhi High Court has ordered 21 companies, which have already been asked to develop a mechanism to block objectionable material in India, to present their plans for policing their services in the next 15 days.” A private complaint had charged the internet firms with permitting the dissemination of material offensive to Hindus, Muslims and Christians. [Emil Protalinski, ZDNet]


  • In India, Google and Facebook can hire censors cheaply. But will they face ruinous US-style financial losses if some plaintiff claims to be mortally offended by something a censor overlooked?

  • The providers could allow users to download an app that would block all graphics, as well as articles containing blacklisted words of potential religious controversy (“Muhammad”, “Jesus”, etc.). The app could point to a single government approved and controlled site where approved articles mentioning religion could be seen, as well as graphics.

    Let individual users themselves decide whether they want to use this app.