Legal challenge to Ellison on America’s Cup

It’s being pursued by the obscure nonprofit African Diaspora Maritime Corp. from landlocked Raleigh, North Carolina, with help from major law firm McDermott Will & Emery. Ellison himself has pursued extensive litigation over the yachting event. [News & Observer]


  • I guess Raleigh is landlocked if you mean that no portion of it borders an ocean, but Raleigh is the capital of a state that was attacked by Blackbeard and Nazi U-boats.

    It could be that Blackbeard and the Kriegsmarine failed so disastrously precisely because they were fighting on low ground.

  • “Kithcart said he will do his best to prove ADM is a viable, real Cup effort that could bring something to yachting: the sort of wattage that Tiger Woods brought to golf and Serena and Venus Williams brought to tennis. “We could give people those goose bump moments,” he said. ”

    … in other words, white sailors don’t give anyone goosebumps, but black sailors would? I mean, wouldn’t this count as its own form of racism? And isn’t the entire thing absurdly presumptious to begin with? And what is a prominent law firm doing litigating this case pro bono? Oh, but I waste my time…